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The story of what we have done and what we are doing now – BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY WHY WE DO IT

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Presented by Gordon Moss in conjunction with THE PAPER SOURCE

“The class I taught for the Paper Source in 2019 had the highest-quality students I have ever taught by far.  The Paper Source has a serious, professional following, who treat note buying as a business, not a “get rich quick” fantasy.” — Tom Henderson

Gordon Moss

“I’m known as the non-performing junior lien expert, but this real estate and note investing class will have much more.  Yes, I will spend an intensive half day focusing on how to make money in the treacherous non-performing note space, — BUT I will also encompass “THE KEY CONCEPTS” (as Tom Henderson says) and FUNDAMENTALS that will focus the sophisticated investor’s mind on building LONG TERM wealth in the real estate and note investing business.”  Gordon Moss

About Gordon:  http://realestateandnoteinvesting.com/about-us/
Some of his videos:  http://realestateandnoteinvesting.com/category/video/


The 2020 Vision – A Simple 10 year plan (2020 – 2030) Why you should “Enjoy Capitalism” and a simple plan to accomplish this goal

Geopolitics – Why the USA will continue to lead the world and be the best place for investment

Demographics – Track the future by population growth

MAGAnomics – 2020 – A unique market aberration – Why the Quixote Ventures Research Institute (QVRI) is convinced that there is no imminent recession on the horizon

The Investing Fundamentals – The FUNDAMENTALS and CONCEPTS that 99.9% of your competitors don’t understand, appreciate or use (they will still be broke in 10 years and 20 years). If you are an avid student, practice discipline and use these fundamental concepts, you will rise to the top – the 1 percent club. It is much simpler than you might think!

The Single Family House – This is the best collateral on earth for safe and sure long-term wealth building (alternatives ALL pale in comparison)

The Asymmetrical Option – Small amounts leverage LARGE amounts to maximize upside and minimize risk. The asymmetrical option is THE most powerful (and least risky!) investment tool on earth (and the title of my forthcoming book.) Understanding this concept at a deep level will dramatically change your real estate and note investing results

Buy and Hold – The get rich SLOW guaranteed plan for long-term success (if you do it correctly)

The Marriage of Real Estate and Notes – Why You Should Buy Houses AND Notes

Non-Performing Notes – Why the senior note investing experts advise AGAINST the non-performing junior lien strategy – and the secrets of how I have turned this niche into by far my most profitable (and LEAST risky) one

Section 121 – Tax-free profit strategy

Key Examples

Why Seconds Come First

“The Title Flaw” Strategy – Building long-term amazing profits with minimal effort and risk

Emotional Equity And other Key Issues

The Successful Workout

2020 Strategies For Finding The Notes

The VA Foreclosure – Best SFR and note opportunity

The story of the best advice I ever got

“Get your payments up to $20k per month”

Magic and Mystery of “Subject To” – Why this is the best opportunity we have today

Can You See Around Corners?   Me neither…this is the lowest risk and most profitable and overlooked strategy in today’s investment marketplace

OPM – “Opium” – Other Peoples Money

How To Obtain All Of The investment Capital You Will Ever Need With Minimal Risk, By Solving A Problem

A Better Approach to Brokerage/Flipperism

The Auction – Big profits IF done with Options

The Mike Cantu Story: The Best of the Masters – The detailed story of the single greatest investor I have ever met (that soo few understand)

Greatest Myths of Real Estate and Note Investing

“I Bought The Wrong Houses/Notes” – Why junk piles don’t work for the long term wealth builder

Flip Your Way To Financial Independence

The Financial Calculator

Managing Risk with Option Plays

Investment Alternatives Revealed

Probate, Commercial, Wholesaling, Seller Financing

REAL DEALS And The Details: Why, When, What and How – You will understand that this business is not easy but very doable

Real-World Examples Will Be Unveiled – The real current deals that will be revealed in this class have never been discussed in public before and may never be again

Business Philosophy

Stay Small – Keep It All

The 3 Most-Read Classic Investment Books You Have Never Heard Of, Analyzed – These will “train your brain” and make you an opportunity magnet

Building Wealth – One House at a Time (thanks to John Schaub)

Zeckendorf Biography – Options

Buy and Hold – David Schumacher

Other Important Investment Topics

Property and Note Management and Servicing

The TRULY Self Directed IRA

Our Goal:
Not the Greatest Investor – but instead –
 “The Greatest COMMUNICATOR”
The story of what we have done and what we are doing now – BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY

Gordon's Presentation At The 2019 Paper Source Note Symposium


“Guy is amazing – best I’ve ever heard.”

“To the point and entertaining.”

“Give him an hour next year.”

“Loved this one!”

“Would have loved to hear him speak longer.”

“Clear, and concise message.”

“Always fun to hear Gordon’s very topical issues.”


WHEN:  Friday & Saturday, October 11 & 12, 2019

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday

8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Saturday — Gordon will stay after 3:00 until all questions are answered.


WHERE:  Tuscany Suites, 255 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada

Use Code 1019PAPR to get the Paper Source Discount Rates of $79 Sun.-Thurs., $149 Fri. & Sat., no resort fee, FREE PARKING, free wifi.

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Hotel phone 877-887-2261.
Our block of rooms and discounted hotel rate was to expire Tuesday, Sept 10, but the hotel has extended it.  It could expire any time without notice, so please make your reservation now.


SEMINAR COST:  $795.00 per person 

Seating is limited for this boutique event.
Walk-in price $995.00 IF seats are available.

Don’t put it off — register now to reserve your seat.