Jeff Armstrong’s Introduction To Performing Notes Class

Jeff Armstrong will teach “Introduction To Performing Notes” from 9:00 a.m.- Noon on Thursday, September 3, 2020, before the Paper Source Note Symposium begins that afternoon in the same hotel. This is a beginning/refresher course on investing in and brokering performing real estate notes. It is not about non-performing notes. Admission is $50.00 in advance, $100.00 at the door if there are seats still available. When it fills up, registration will close.

In will be held in the Tuscany meeting room of the Tuscany Suites, 255 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV


     Jeff Armstrong has been a full-time note broker and investor since 1993. Among his accomplishments:
     *  Over 2000 closed note transactions
     *  Author of 5 books on notes
     *  Columnist for THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL and regular speaker at The Paper Source Note Symposium
     *  Both a California Real Estate Sales and a Real Estate Broker’s License
     *  Former editor of the NoteWorthy Newsletter
     *  Master Note Broker designation and taught note brokerage for the American Cash Flow Corp.
     *  Visiting instructor for Nouveau Riche Real Estate College’s Renatus Organization.

Jeff Armstrong This 3 hour live class is a beginner’s introduction/refresher overview of the nuts and bolts of the note business. This is for you if you want to invest in seller-financed real estate notes, are looking to start a note brokering business, and/or if you are a real estate professional (Realtor(TM), real estate investor, real estate broker, etc.).  This class will show you how you can use notes yourself and encourage property owners to consider seller financing.  You will be shown the basics of how to create a good saleable note as well as suggested property sale and note structures.

You will learn the very basics of the note business process, the 7 steps you should follow to create your note business, and how to follow the steps correctly so that you can repeat the process again and again.

The methods in this 3-hour introduction have been developed and refined over countless years of practice, implementation, experimentation and execution.  This is not a sugar-coated workshop of promises and dreams, but a dose of reality.  The hurdles, obstacles and hardships of the note business will be exposed along with an equal measure of the accomplishments, triumphs and achievements that are possible in the exciting and rewarding business of being involved in the seller-financed note industry.

Just $50 in advance, $100 at the door — if there are seats still available. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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