Arthur Davis

Arthur Davis III, J.D.

WASHINGTON BRIEFING (with Philip Dryden): What You Need To Know About Seller Financing In The Trump Administration

Art has represented escrow settlement providers and other clients in Washington DC since 1992. His representation has covered all regulatory, legislative and judicial matters at the federal level that affect, or could affect, these interests. As well Art has worked in collaboration with many lender, title and Realtor organizations located in the Washington DC area to affect and minimize the impact of federal legislation and regulations on small business. He has represented clients before the US Congress and numerous agencies including HUD, CFPB, Treasury, Commerce, State and the FTC. His representation includes the Coalition to Save Seller Financing, with the preparation of a white paper and assistance in drafting recommended regulatory text and legislation.

Art began his career at a major international accounting firm. He then spent 5 years at the US Treasury Department working on federal tax regulations and rulings. Since 1991 he has served a wide variety of clients as a private consultant-advisor with his primary work being to represent the American Escrow Association. He has spoken to numerous groups and organizations on a wide variety of federal regulatory and other technical topics.

Art is married with 3 children.

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