“I went to the Paper Source conference. Wow it was impressive!  I would have paid 3x the amount they charge because they bring so much in terms of content and seasoned professionals. I’m clearing my schedule for 2018 to make sure Paper Source is on my calendar. If you are ever considering an event in the note buying space Paper Source is a must!”

Ryan Cooper

Colleyville, TX

“Thank you again for a terrific Symposium! A good time was had by all. I know that Joseph Hobb’s and my students all thought it was a great event and learned a tremendous amount.”

Paige Panzarello

Simi Valley, CA

“Thank you very much for an excellent convention and a wealth of updated current market information. Please keep up the great work you do for the note industry!”

Don Fredrick

Paperbuyers, LLC

“GREAT meeting!! OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!”

Dave Franecki

Phoenix, AZ

” It was a real pleasure and great honor for me to join such a unique group of professionals who shared their knowledge and experience so freely without personal gain! What a difference to the usual pitch-fests!”

Flor Bieler

Palm Beach, FL

“I have had several conversations with folks who attended the Note Symposium last month and their comments were so positive. You and Alison stay so true to your mission of education without the sales pitch. Well done!!!!”

Philip M. Drew

Brig. Gen. USAF (Ret.), Bethany Beach, DE

“It was great to see what a fantastic turnout you had last April. It was a wonderful event, as per usual.”

Dawn Rickabaugh

Carson City, NV

“So many different groups of companies in the note industry attended and exhibited at the Note Symposium! Definitely a worthwhile venue whereby the attendee was given an in-depth education of the private note sector!”

Belinda Savage

MidAtlantic IRA

“Whether you’re a newbie or pro investor, broker or both, the Paper Source NoteSymposium will give you great new ideas and the motivation to implement them!”

Daniel Malcolm

Acquisitions Manager, First National Acceptance Company, E. Lansing, MI

“Last year was the first time I attended the Paper Source Note Symposium. Wow, what an incredible event! I learned about the whole new world of notes that I never knew existed. Also got the opportunity to meet with so many new friends and wonderful people along the way. Each year with an event like this, you and Bill are changing the lives of so many people. Thank you for everything you do! You and Bill are doing a remarkable job! ROCK ON!”

June Chen

Walnut, CA

“I know you’ve been hearing this like a broken record, but that was an absolutely excellent event. My brother and I had a ball and met a ton of great people. We’re real estate lawyers, but we’re working on getting into the note business this year and we couldn’t have asked more from your event — well, maybe some more time. Can’t wait until next year.”

Paul Vincent, J.D.

Rocky River, OH

“Of all the seminars I attend, the Paper Source Note Symposium attracts people of the highest caliber. I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Howard Tenn

Simi Valley, CA

“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for throwing the Note Symposium last week. I got a great deal out of it and am actively working on using the information to change my life for the better. Thank you!”

Brian Kent

Tustin, CA

“The Paper Source opened up my world to note investing. I was in a difficult financial position and the opportunities they showed me dramatically transformed my life.”

Sándor Lau

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Noted Financial, Portland, Oregon

“The Note Symposium was the best conference I have ever been to (and I have been to MANY). What made it so was the quality of the people you attracted. I have never felt as uplifted and inspired professionally as I do now. Thank you, thank you for creating the nexus for such honest, hard-working and inspiring people to congregate, open up and share. Truly an amazing conference.”

Frank Shapiro

Vero Beach, FL

“I want to thank you so much for carrying out an incredible Paper Source Event in Las Vegas. It was my first and certainly will not be my last.”

Dirk Clinton

Newport Beach, CA

“The conference led me to 3 seller finance contracts on fix and flip properties in Florida plus purchase of 30 small balance discounted mortgages. Your efforts have helped many people. See you in April!”

Steve Hodgdon

Laguna Hills, CA

“I would like to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for the excellent Paper Source Note Symposium! I am new to the industry and this was my first opportunity to attend. I had heard that it is the most beneficial note industry conference of the year and am happy I was there. I was excited not only to connect with professionals I have met along my journey so far, but also to network with many others and learn from the many content-focused presentations. I look forward to next year!”

Kathleen Rebentisch

Redondo Beach, CA