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Real Estate and Note Investing: The Why, What, When and HOW of What to do Now — 2021 – 2025

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From 11:00 a.m. – 5:30 Eastern time/8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Pacific

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Gordon Moss

“I’m known as the non-performing junior lien expert, but this real estate and note investing class will have much more.  Yes, I will spend an intensive half day focusing on how to make money in the treacherous non-performing note space, — BUT I will also encompass “THE KEY CONCEPTS” (as Tom Henderson says) and FUNDAMENTALS that will focus the sophisticated investor’s mind on building LONG TERM wealth in the real estate and note investing business.”  Gordon Moss

About Gordon:
Some of his videos:

Gordon Moss' zoom seminar December 2020

Among The Topics:

The 2021 covid recession effect

Retail and office to housing plan

The auction via jr. lien plan

Foreclosure and the non-performing note game

Bankruptcy and the non-performing note

Ultimate option strategy

The bad debt plan of attack

The 2 percent interest rate plan

The home run low-risk strategies for 2021

What if…

You could look over the shoulder of a 35 year highly successful veteran of the real estate and note investing wars – and understand exactly how you can capitalize on amazing opportunities being created today for the savvy investor…

-You were convinced real estate & note investing was the greatest, safest surest path to financial independence …

-You could quickly & inexpensively create a balance sheet with a large equity and zero debt secured by desirable, high quality, low maintenance, single family homes…

-You could create consistent double digit + long term note investment returns for income today..

What if…

-You could take advantage of the huge aberration in today’s challenged market – (lowest interest rates ever in a post Covid recession) to create a rock solid, low maintenance retirement nest egg and income source that is almost guaranteed…

-You could hear the condensed wisdom of 35 years of study of the masters of real estate & the note investing by an experienced, passionate practitioner who does this stuff every day…

The story of what we have done and what we are doing now – BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY

Gordon's Presentation At The 2019 Paper Source Note Symposium


“Guy is amazing – best I’ve ever heard.”

“To the point and entertaining.”

“Loved this one!”

“Would have loved to hear him speak longer.”

“Clear, and concise message.”

“Always fun to hear Gordon’s very topical issues.”


WHEN:  Saturday, December 12, 2020

11:00 a.m. – 5:30 Eastern time/8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Pacific

Gordon will answer your questions.

WHERE:  a live ZOOM presentation

COST:  $297.00 per person

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Previous Event: Virtual Note Symposium 2020 (click here for more details)

The Paper Source VIRTUAL Note Symposium 2020 (Ended)

OCTOBER 1-3, 2020, At Your House!

Discover how to find, buy and broker real estate notes — performing and non-performing — and under the radar cash flows.

Learn how to create multiple streams of income.

Use your IRA for tax-free profits from notes and real estate.

“‘I speak from experience….This is the most informative conference ON ANY SUBJECT I have ever attended.  This is BY FAR the most informative and productive note conference you will EVER attend! I’ll be there for the third time because I simply can’t afford to miss it.”

Edward Berlinski

MBA, Wharton Business School

“Everyone I talk to says this is THE pinnacle of note events in the country. If anyone is considering coming to the Paper Source Note Symposium, I would tell them: This is the one. Don’t miss out on this conference. Make sure you take part.”

Eddie Wilson

CEO, Think Realty, American Association of Private Lenders, LoanMLS

What we try to do at the Paper Source Note Symposium is to get people to teach who are actually in the note business, not the seminar business.  Having been in the note business since the 1980’s, we know who the real players are.  I talk them into coming out of their offices to teach for us, and then they go back to their note businesses. They’re not on a seminar circuit 100% of the time for sure. We like to get real people there, people who DO what they rarely teach.”

W. J. Mencarow (President of The Paper Source)

Kerrville, TX

The Only Continuing Education For Note Professionals ™

The experts agree, the cash flow note business is coming back stronger than ever. Are you ready to take advantage of the avalanche? Whether you’re a newbie or pro, investor, broker or both, this symposium will give you great new ideas. The Paper Source has been teaching note investors since 1987.

  • DISCOVER how to find, buy and broker real estate notes — performing and non-performing — NO SALES PITCHES!
  • LEARN how to create multiple streams of income.
  • MAXIMIZE your IRA for tax-free profits from notes and real estate.
  •  CREATE multiple streams of income and new profit centers.
  •  NETWORK on the members-only private group and create friendships that could prove invaluable.
  • LEARN from seasoned experts who DO what they rarely teach.
  • Mind-blowing ways to achieve “impossible” yields.
  • Non-expiring access to all the videos + MP3s included! 

If you want to learn more about performing real estate notes before the event, or want a refresher course, get the Notes 101 video:

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