Advanced Note and Real Estate Concepts In Today’s Market

A Two Day, No Nonsense Workshop
Taught by Tom Henderson
in Conjunction with Paper Source

Because of the resurgence of different strains of the Covid virus, as well as the uncertainty of air travel and hotel accommodations, Tom’s workshop presentation will be a Zoom-a-nar.

Advantages to Zoom:
No Hotel or Air Fare Costs
Download Presentation to Revisit at Your Leisure
Watch in Your Jammies with Your Favorite Beverage

When: October 8th and 9th (Friday and Saturday)
Where: Comfort of Your Home
Time: 11:30 a.m to 4 p.m. Eastern
10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Central
9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mountain
8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific

Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson

Tom Commands $695 to $795 for His Two Day Workshops

For This Event We Have a Special Affordable Price

Workshop is finished. Get 1 Year Access To The Video. Only $150!

Save Money

“Learning is not compulsory; but neither is survival”
W. Edwards Deming

Who Should ATTEND:

  • Seasoned Investors Who Desire to Structure Notes for Maximum Value to Prosper, Not Just Survive
  • Realtors Who Want to Learn Legal and Safe Seller Financing Techniques that Will Increase Your COMMISSIONS
  • Property Owners Who Want to Learn Powerful Exit Strategies
  • Property Owners Who Desire to Use Their Equity to Purchase Other Properties WITHOUT BANKS
  • Note Holders Who Want to DISCOVER Safe and Prosperous Ways of Using Their Notes to Purchase Other Properties WITHOUT A DISCOUNT
  • Note Buyers Who Want to Acquire Skills to Purchase Notes for Maximum Yields
  • Note Sellers Who Want to Command the Knowledge of How NOT to Get Ripped Off
  • Real Estate Investors Whose Property Has Decreased in Value (Important in Today ’s Economy)
  • Recognize How to Purchase Large Notes with Small Money
  • How To Increase a Note ’s Value by Lowering the Balance

New Topics Tom Has Never Covered in Prior Workshops

What You Will Learn

  • Master Time Tested Concepts on How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Utilizing Seller Financing to Increase Your Wealth, Cash Flow and Net Worth
  • Discover Numerous Techniques to Profitably Buy and Sell Partials of Balloons that Limits Risks
  • Avoid Costly Traps and Mistakes That Evaporates Profits
  • How Tom Purchased Two Houses for the Price of One
  • Do Partials Really Hide the Discount? Maybe
  • When to Sell a Partial Instead of Borrowing Money

Unearth the Astonishing Obscene Yield Concept Tom Has Used for Decades to Safely Achieve 18% Yields
This Concept Alone Is Worth The Price of The Seminar

The Simplicity Will Amaze You

All About Wrap Notes

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Wraps
  • How to Buy and Sell Wraps
  • Wrap Do’s and Don’ts
  • Advanced Wrap Exit Strategies That Increase Wealth
  • How Wraps Increase Yields
  • Structuring Wraps for Possible Tax Savings (NOT an Installment Sale)
  • Tweaking Wraps to Increase Yield and Wealth

All About Balloon Notes: Pros and Cons

  • How to Bust Balloons
  • How To Determine Who Gets What In an Early Payoff of a Balloon Note

Utilize Note Options To Purchase Real Estate

Note Clauses to Always Add or Omit

The Most Complete Seminar Tom Has Taught!!

Workshop is finished. Get 1 Year Access To The Video. Only $150!

Just $150, Includes Access to the Streaming Video For One Year!

For the Newbie, Intermediate and Advanced Investors


  • How to Buy and Sell Partials (The Different Ways Are Unlimited)
  • How To Sell a Partial for a Yield Less Than Face
  • 5 Words to Take Control of Any Negotiation
  • Substitution of Collateral (Powerful Wealth Creation) But Can Also Be a Nightmare!!
  • Purchase Notes with NONE OF YOUR OWN MONEY
  • How To Get Money Back at Closing When Buying Real Estate
  • One Document ALWAYS to Include in
  • Owner Financing


This was the most awesome learning experience I’ve ever had.

Mae S.

Street-smart note techniques! Most practical, helpful money making seminar I have ever experienced! OUTSTANDING!! BETTER THAN GREAT!!!

David M.

One of the most enlightening seminars I have ever attended.

Gregory K.

Great ideas never heard of before. Love to see yields that can be made on notes if you are creative and how to use notes. One of the best teachers around. You know your stuff.

Sharron D.

Professional Note Investor

It blew me away what a powerful tool notes can be. Lots of great information, worth every penny! Highly recommended.

Jeff C.

Tom was incredibly patient.  The wisdom came fast and furious. What a great class!!!

Katy A.

Wished I would have known this 10 years ago. I would have made a ton.

Carl R.

Denver/Mortgage Broker

Thanks Tom. You not only helped me understand some things I did know, but you helped me understand some new techniques.

Sylvia R.

Workshop is finished. Get 1 Year Access To The Video. Only $150!

Just $150, Includes Access to the Streaming Video For One Year!

More of What You Will Learn

  • Avoid Balloon Traps and How To Bust Balloons
  • Simple No Nonsense Flip Techniques Utilizing Seller Financing
  • How to Purchase and Sell Balloon Partials
  • Piggy Back Seconds When Selling Property (Document That Will Save You Time, Money and Frustration)
  • Familiarize Yourself with Different Note Clauses and When to Use or Omit If Buying or Selling Real Estate
  • Wrap Note Strategies that Create Wealth (Four Do’s and Don’ts)
  • How to Sell Property with NO EQUITY
  • Two Ways to Sell Property for Less Than You Paid and Still Profit
  • Three Questions to Ask Your Title Company
  • How to Achieve “Obscene” Yields with Small Money
  • Avoid Balloon Modification Trap
  • Be Armed with the Ability to Determine Who Gets What On an Early Payoff or Default on Any Note Partial (Detailed Examples of Which Method to Use and Not Get Ripped Off)
  • Detailed Checklist for Notes and Deeds of Trust When Buying or Selling Notes or Real Estate (Don’t Depend on the Title Company)
  • Recourse and Non Recourse Clauses Traps and Benefits

More Testimonials!

Tom, you did an excellent job teaching our class, from the perspective of a new student in investing…However, I know the heavy hitters in the class were taking loads of notes. Great job!

Cynthia B.

Very informative. Liked format and question time.

Sharon S.

Concise, simple to understand information. Big benefit is question/answer.

G.F. Real Estate Broker/Investor

I have learned more from Tom than anyone. I have learned more about how to make deals work.

Charles M

Great class, many examples and practical guidance on how to structure owner finance deals, learning where the potholes are from experienced investors like Tom… is the way I learn best. My confidence level has gone thru the roof. I am looking forward to finding and closing my first owner finance deal very soon.

K. T.

The workshop opened my eyes to a new way of Real Estate Investing.


It’s more than just a method for owner financing. It could be an entire business strategy! I love how comfortable I feel to ask questions when I don’t understand something. Tom… very understanding and patient!

Bob F.

It’s a GREAT class. I really enjoyed it and learned something that will help me in my business.


Investor Realtor

Thank you for offering such a tremendous session.

Laela N.

I’ve been doing notes for about a year and a half; and Tom blew my mind with possibilities that can be made with notes. His charismatic expressions are the best.


I am glad I took this course. I will never view financing the same again.

Leslie G.

Love the class. Love Tom

Tammy C.


Another terrific seminar, Tom. Thank you. I’ve traveled to both coasts on previous occasions, for less helpful information! Reminds me of a phrase…”When the student is ready, a teacher will appear.

Richard I.

Experienced Note Buyer

More Knowledge

  • How to Buy or Sell the Back End of a Note
  • How Tom Turned a 7% Note Into a 75% Yield
  • How to Tweak Variables for Triple Digit Yields
  • Important Ratio for Buying or Selling Commercial Notes
  • Solutions to Note Buying Risks
  • ITV vs LTV and When to Use Them
  • What NEVER to Do When Selling Property or Buying a Note
  • No Holds Barred Questions or Comments
  • Become Aware of Different Scams in the Note Profession
  • Free Notes for Your Retirement
  • Achieve Yields from 18%, 254% to Infinity (Easy, Simple)


“Learning is not compulsory; but neither is survival”
W. Edwards Deming

Workshop is finished. Get 1 Year Access To The Video. Only $150!

NOTE: Tom Will Be Teaching from the HP 10BII Financial Calculator. If You Use Another One MAKE SURE You Are Proficient Because Tom Will Not Have Time to Teach All the Different Calculators

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