Belinda Savage

Belinda Savage

Maximizing Your IRA With Notes And Real Estate (Panelist)

Belinda Savage may have developed her roots in the foundations of Wall Street, as an institutional bond trader in the U.S. & Canadian financial markets, but she now has her focus on the leading growth sector: Alternative Assets ($64 Trillion) for American investment portfolios, more specifically, retirement accounts on the Self-Directed Platform including Solo 401Ks!

“When the American investor realizes his potential to reap double digit ROI with tax-deferred dollars, then we will be prepared for Retirement!” Ms. Savage provides education re: investment structure, IRA Asset LLC, Business Trust, Personal & Tax Deferred capital working together, co-investing with colleagues, family, Leveraging Your Tax-Deferred Accounts & How To Grow $5500 ……

Ms. Savage has extensive experience and expertise within the financial markets and alternative assets- RE, Private Equity/Debt, Intellectual Property, Lending to Cannabis, Investing into Crypto-currency – permitting her to network with a multiplicity of professionals & associations throughout the U.S. & providing a platform for investors to grow their tax-deferred portfolios! She has just been granted the rare privilege of establishing a Bank Chartered Trust Custodian M2 Trust Services in the State of Colorado with Matt Mayers, Esq former hedge fund manager and Paul Maxwell, former CEO for Sterling Trust, whose IT Platform will provide Concierge Service to both Taxable & Tax-deferred accounts for the American investor, focusing on the Alternative Asset marketplace [$64 Trillion), Double the growth of Traditional assets!

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