Bob Leonetti

Bob Leonetti

1.Defaulted Notes — Things My Mother Warned Me About

2.Procrastinate Your Way To Success!

“The road is long, with many a winding turn…” –  The Hollies

Twenty-nine years is a long time, especially when it comes to being in the same industry.  The year was 1994 when Jayme Kahla and I 1st teamed up to start our Note business in the spare bedroom of a house, only to “go public” six-years later in 2000, with a volume of about $7 million a month in privately held paper.  And when you take your company public – whoa! What a ride!  (we really did look good on paper, though…)

Life happens, and with it, often unexpected events.  The secondary note and mortgage market crashed, and when the dust settled, we’d gone from top to bottom in only a few months!  Left with paper we had to sell at a loss, we ended up using our real estate and private note holdings to make up the shortfall.

We became experts in Defaulted Paper because…we had so much!!

As we like to say, “sometimes you win, and sometimes you…learn” and so the learning began.  I started investing in Defaulted Notes, because I could apply my often-taught real estate techniques to them.  Teaching throughout the U.S. and Canada, developing 7 note courses, and writing a book kept a roof over my head, but my passion is, and was, the “art of the deal.”

The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train, yet the learning continues.

Come join me as I share my latest venture – the purchase of a $1.7 million slow-paying note on a $3 million motel.  I’ll show you the sexy up-side, and I’ll also share with you how to deal with all of those “things my mother warned me about” or, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story!”

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