Bob Malecki

Bob Malecki

Maximizing Your IRA With Notes And Real Estate (Moderator)

Bob Malecki, Managing Director with Notable Capital Management, has been a professional real estate investor since 2006 and is located in Kingston Washington, 30 miles northwest of Seattle. Bob specializes in the repositioning of distressed mortgage debt for both equity and cash flow has been involved with the acquisition and management of both distressed debt and single family rental properties in key markets in the U.S. Through his various operating LLCs, Bob has raised over $11M to build a substantial portfolio of residential notes & rental properties in North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and the Seattle metro area.

He has fund management experience via the creation and management of a prior private equity fund, REI Capital LLC, which invests in distressed real estate assets in western Washington state. As founding member of Resolution Capital Management LLC he works with investors who are looking for a good return on their idle funds or someone who may want the benefits of real estate investing and risk diversity without the time or means to directly manage a property investment.

In addition to his real estate background, Bob has a B.F. A. in from Ohio University and has been involved with commercial advertising and marketing since 1980. Bob has owned and operated Interactive Villages LLC, an online application integration and development consulting firm, since 1998. He will be available for complimentary private consultations at the Note Symposium.

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