David Barnett

David Barnett

Note Opportunities & Traps During Business Succession

Born and raised on Canada’s rugged East Coast, David is the father of two and always looks forward to his next travel adventure whether it be backpacking, hiking up mountains, exploring historical sites or finally figuring out craps in Las Vegas.

David studied business administration at university because he believed it would help him become a ‘businessman.’ Too late, he realized that he was being molded into a Fortune 500 bureaucrat!

Thankfully for everyone, David escaped to the world of small business. First by working in Yellow Pages advertising, then as an entrepreneur and business advisor. David has owned 5 different businesses in his adult life. He’s sold two, closed two and runs one to this day. He’s lived through the ups and downs of business first-hand.

During the course of his career, David has been a broker of commercial debt, a real estate investor, a business broker, an advisor to lending institutions and a celebrated author. He currently helps people around the US and Canada successfully buy and sell companies as a private transaction advisor while working to spread the cause of deal-making education.

David is the author of 7 different books about small business and investing. Three of them have been Amazon best-sellers in their categories; Franchise Warnings, How to Sell My Own Business and his 2014 book Invest Local which chronicles David’s methodology for controlling risk while making private loans and leases to small businesses.

David maintains his www.InvestLocalBook.com blog and YouTube channel where he hosts hundreds of videos about buying, selling, managing and financing small and medium sized businesses.

He is a regular guest on business podcasts and looks forward to sharing some of his experiences and meeting you at The Paper Source Note Symposium.

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