Eugene Chandler

Eugene Chandler

My Best & Worst Deals & What I Learned (Panelist)

Eugene “Gene” Chandler has 46 years of real estate experience and 7 years of experience investing in non-performing and performing mortgage notes. Gene has a strong understanding of the legal complexities of adhering to state and federal lending and collection laws and a successful track record of finding creative ways to profit from all types of notes.

Gene has also developed a network of professionals, attorneys, hedge funds, and special asset managers that he can rely upon to source discounted mortgage notes with upside value.

As an entrepreneur, Gene has owned businesses in construction and development, freight and transportation, and auto body and sales. Chandler & Chandler Financial, LLC was formed in 2013 with the goal of helping mortgage holders stay in their homes while providing positive returns to Gene and his investors through the acquisition of non-performing notes

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