FAQs About The Paper Source Note Symposium

How many people are expected?

It’s grown every year. In 2017 there were well over 400 people. Many say there are more successful people at our events than any they have ever attended. And virtually everyone is happy to share their knowledge and experience. That’s one of the amazing hallmarks of this industry!

How long is it?

2 ½ days: Thursday afternoon April 11 with an open bar reception, all day Friday with continental breakfast, mid-morning coffee, buffet luncheon, afternoon refreshments and an open bar reception, all day Saturday with continental breakfast, mid-morning coffee, buffet luncheon and refreshments, ending at 5:30 p.m.

Extra-cost events are an elegant reception hosted by the Note Assistance Program Wednesday evening April 10 and a 2 ½ hour note seminar by Bob Zachmeier Thursday morning April 11. Advance registration for both is at the Schedule tab at www.PaperSourceSeminars.com

There is also a Red Rock Canyon Hike on Sunday morning April 14 with Sándor Lau from Noted Financial after Paper Source. Advance registration required, limited to 15 people.  Click here for information and registration.

I’m new to notes. Will it be too advanced for me?

This is not a step-by-step course on notes. It is more of a convention with lots of speakers and topics. Most presentations assume a basic knowledge of notes. If you don’t have that, we highly recommend you get Jeff Armstrong’s Notes 101 video course for $49.00: papersourceseminars.com/sop-101/

I’ve been to seminars that are little more than sales pitch fests, even when they advertise “no sales pitches.” How do I know yours is any different?

Ask anyone who’s been there! And watch the video interviews at www.PaperSourceSeminars. Almost the first thing anyone who’s been there says is how happy they are that the speakers presented useful information and never a sales pitch.

What we try to do at the Paper Source Note Symposium is to get people to teach who are actually in the note business, not the seminar business. Most have nothing to sell. Having been in the note business since the 1980’s, we know who the real players are. I talk them into coming out of their offices to teach for us, and then they go back to their note businesses. They’re not on a seminar circuit most of the time. We like to get real people there, people who DO what they rarely teach.

Will I be able to meet and talk to the speakers?

That’s a big part of the event. Our speakers are willing to meet privately with anyone who asks them at no cost. It’s up to you to make arrangements with them before or during the event.

What’s the Trade Show like?

About 40 booths with representatives from note investment companies, servicing companies, self-directed IRAs, law firms, software companies, insurance, Internet companies, publications, etc.

What’s your cancellation policy?

The most generous in the industry. Cancel by April 1 and you get all your money back. After that you get a 50% refund.