Gene Powers

Gene Powers

How To Succeed As A Note Broker (Panelist)

Gene Powers, Nationwide Secured Capital, as a real estate investor in 1983. Initially he was investing while pursuing his first career in software systems and high tech venture capital backed start-up companies. He spent 25 years in the computer software and information technology field successfully managing innovative product development teams, large budgets, project estimates and risk, complex systems, and processes while delivering significant value to company stockholders and venture capital investors.

At age 55, he began searching for the “holy grail” of ongoing “massive passive” income, Gene instantly recognized the power and stability/security of discounted mortgage investing for generating future passive cash flow while he was in a seminar. Just half way through listening to that first presentation, he said “That’s where I want all my money when I’m done and on the beach!” Gene then jumped back into real estate debt and equity investing in 2006 at full speed and dedication just like the start-ups of his high tech career.

In 2007, he completed his completed initial training in seller finance note buying, and founded Nationwide Secured Capital as an investment and brokerage firm specializing in private loan purchases – including seller finance notes. Since founding, Gene has led the company to become a strong and established buying presence in the note industry that is able to successfully purchase a much broader range of notes than other companies. Under Gene’s leadership, the company has grown its staff, seen continuous annual growth, repeatedly delivering strong returns on notes purchased to its private investors, its own private portfolios and those for the SMILE note investment fund that it manages.

Gene is a strong analytical and strategic thinker with a depth of startup company and management experience, and excellent negotiation and contract skills which serve the company well. He oversees and manages underwriting, acquisitions and portfolio management services of the company, as well as, operations. Gene holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and another in Applied Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley.

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