Gordon Moss

Gordon Moss

The Real Estate and Note Investing Pyramid of Success

Gordon Moss began his career in real estate in 1985 as a commercial real estate broker in Orange County California. He has been an avid student of the masters of all facets of the real estate and investing business for over 30 years. He now owns and manages a portfolio of properties and notes full time and today is very passionate and active in what he believes is still the best real estate and note investment opportunity ever.

These 30 years of experience and focus give a unique perspective and Gordon takes great pride in the fact that he has a unique ability to make money in any real estate market. He enjoys writing, speaking and mentoring serious investors as a way for him to give back as his mentors did for him.

He is a published author in several key industry publications (including THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL) and frequent speaker and panelist at real estate, note, and investment clubs and meetings.

His book “Performance Anxiety – How to Create a Fortune with Non-performing Notes” is a chronicle of today’s non-performing note business and creating a fortune in this unique opportunity.

His latest book, The Greatest Myths of Real Estate and Note Investing, which he plans to publish this year, is the book that he wished he’d had 30 years ago when he started this amazing investing adventure. The successful investors over the long haul are the ones that learn from the masters — and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes. Study the greatest myths and you will point yourself in the right direction and know where you are going and what to look out for.

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