My Favorite Deal! (Panelist)

Jack Shea was raised in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois where he received a BS degree in Engineering with a minor in business. He spent seven years as an Air Force pilot flying four-engine transports worldwide. He spent over ten years in the aviation and technology industry serving as V.P. of Marketing.

Jack moved to Florida in 1978, and began investing in Real Estate and Notes. He is a licensed Realtor and the author of a book, Secrets of Lease Option Profits. He teaches seminars on trusts with his partner, Atty. Mark Warda. They cover Land Trusts, Personal Property Trusts, and IRA Checkbook Control Trusts. Jack is the President of Keys Capital Inc. a 1031 exchange facilitator since 1986. He is a frequent speaker at real estate meetings and on panels helping investors wherever he can.