Jasmine Willios

Jasmine Willios

My Favorite Deal (Panelist)

NAKED NOTES podcast HOST & President of The Note Assistance Program

Jasmine R. Willois is the Founder and President of the Notes Assistance Program©, which offers a proven, proprietary system for educating entrepreneurs, accredited investors and family offices on how to buy nonperforming mortgages from big banks, hedge funds and credit unions.

Ms. Willois’s unique approach is informed by her more than two decades in the fields of economics, marketing, real estate and work as a Wall Street investment banker. As a result, she makes the process of buying distressed mortgages transparent, uncomplicated and replicable including:

• An exclusive trade desk that features an inventory of prequalified, delinquent loans nationwide that Jasmine’s community of clients can purchase.

• A step-by-step coaching program that goes beyond basic information to guide Ms. Willios’s clients through the entire process from the successful buying of a note to generating a profit.

Featured in this months THINK REALTY magazine as a Woman to Watch in 2019, she just launched a online version of her proprietary mortgage note training system. She frequently speaks around the country at Real Estate Investment Clubs , Real Estate Conventions, Private Events and Expos. Jasmine is also an accomplished real estate and note investor with a profitable portfolio spanning multiple markets and property types. She earned her BS in economics with a minor in Industrial Organization along with her MBA from California State University at Long Beach.

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