Jayme Kahla

Jayme Kahla, CPA

Due Diligence – How do I know if I have a good note?

Jayme Kahla has been a note buyer and investor since the early 1980s. As a Baylor graduate and CPA formerly licensed in 3 states, Jayme has a unique financial background to evaluate and purchase notes. In 1994, she created Success Investments, a national note-buying company and precursor to National Note Funding, which grew into a subprime mortgage bank. Over 65% of the notes created and purchased were some type of seller-financed notes. Success Investments became a publicly traded company in 2000. After several very successful years, the company stock was repurchased and the company was sold. The successor company became National Note Funding which buys and helps create seller-financed notes.

In addition to note purchasing, Jayme has been a speaker on privately held notes, both residential and commercial, since the early 1990s. She has spoken on the stages of some of the most influential real estate speakers in the business such as Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand, Dave Lindhal, and Carlton Sheets, to name of few. Her main focus is doing deals.

She currently is president and owner of National Note Funding, a company that purchases mortgages on the secondary market. In addition, NNF assists real estate investors in the acquisition and disposition of both residential and commercial properties. Ms. Kahla acts as an outside consultant to mortgage bankers, warehouse banks, real estate, and note investors.

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