Kevin Cordell

Kevin J. Cordell

SDIRAs and Servicing: Your Questions Answered (Panel)

Kevin J Cordell is the Founder and CEO of Madison Management Services, LLC a specialty loan servicer based in New Jersey. Kevin gained experience in the default note space just prior to the market down turn in 2008. He started Madison Management Services to help other small investors work their non-performing loans and turn them into performing assets or other strategies to liquidate the note through refinancing, payoffs or sale of the real estate. Kevin is an experienced note investor and focuses on turning non-performing mortgages into re-performing loans.

He has gained specialized knowledge in working with junior liens, seriously delinquent loans and topics in bankruptcy. Kevin also manages several note investment funds focusing on residential real estate.

Kevin has been a frequent speaker at investor events on the topics of bankruptcy, loan servicing and loss mitigation strategies for investors.

Prior to getting into the mortgage space, Kevin worked in Information Systems Technology as a software developer, database developer, systems support specialist and a systems manager implementing inventory management systems at manufacturing facilities.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Business Administration from Redlands University.

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