Mark Hegenbart

Mark Hegenbart

From $0 to $10MM in 18 months – How to rapidly expand your note portfolio with no experience

Mark has spent the last 15 years innovating inside of various spaces of the real estate ecosystem. From Director of Mortgage Banking at Quicken Loans to building proprietary credit remediation systems for Top tier mortgage originators; Mark has a deep understanding of real estate finance.

In 2019 Mark attended The Paper Source Note Convention and started in the note trading space for the first time by co-founding DO Income Fund. Mark and team have been able to produce an astonishing 1700% growth in total portfolio size in just the first 18 months of operations!

Mark truly believes that anyone can accomplish the same level of success that he and his small team have been able to achieve in such a short time frame.

Just 3 short years after inception, DO Income Fund is one of the premier NPL & UPL traders in the business purpose hard money loan space. Specializing in trading hard money FNF, bridge, and ground-up construction business purpose loans. Now 3 years after attending the Paper Source Note Convention Mark has come back to where it all started to share what he and his team have learned.

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