Marty Granoff

Martin Granoff

Profits In Performing Notes Panel

Marty has been in the investment field since college which was too many years ago to print. In 1992 he began his career in the cash flow field immediately after attending a REIA sponsored workshop in Philadelphia on seller-financed real estate notes. About a year later, seeing a similar lump-sum option need by state lottery winners (no such options were available then from the lotteries directly), Marty added these cash flows as well. Over the years, thanks to cash flow referral sources bringing these to him for consideration, many other types of cash flows came Marty’s way for present valuing/acquisition such as structured settlements, other lawsuit settlements, seller-financed business notes, business/partnership buyout agreements, disability income payments, future royalties due, casino/slot machine prizes and literally 100+ others. He constantly talks about loving this business more then ever after 25 years of being in it and currently self-funds most of his note acquisitions, the cash flow from which helps support his retirement. Over the entire time period of being in this business, Marty has attended and given presentations at just about every Papersource Symposium held.

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