Melissa Bolling

Melissa Bolling

SDIRAs and Servicing: Your Questions Answered (Panel)

Melissa has worked in the servicing industry since 1994. A former Assistant Vice
President of Metwest Mortgage Services, Inc., she managed their Loan Servicing
Operations from 1997 to 2004. She was responsible for the administration of a real
estate and alternative cashflow receivable portfolio whose servicing rights were valued
in excess of $1.8 billion.

In 2004, Melissa left Metwest to form a new servicing company to meet the needs of
private individuals investing in seller-financed paper. Complete Cashflow Services, LLC
was the result. A partnership between Melissa and Sheila White, the company quickly
took hold, providing services to both private and institutional investors, in a variety of

In 2011, Complete Cashflow Services changed their name to Allied Servicing
Corporation, to better reflect their company focus and the needs of a new generation of
investors. Allied provides a wealth of services to their clients and borrowers,
specializing in high-touch assets. Allied has specifically developed their servicing
software to accommodate not only partials, but wraps, subordinate financing and
difficult-to-service cashflow streams.

Melissa’s role includes management of the servicing staff, payoff processing,
modification drafting and remittance processing. She is well-versed in industry
compliance and servicing rules.

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