Phil Dryden

Philip Dryden

WASHINGTON BRIEFING (with Arthur Davis III, J.D.):What The Trump Administration Has In Store For Seller Financing

Philip Dryden is president of the American Escrow Association, the national trade association of settlement and escrow industry professionals, and is co-founder of the Coalition to Save Seller Financing, a coalition to obtain an exemption from the regulation of seller-financed transactions under the Dodd-Frank Act. He and Arthur Davis, the Washington, DC representative for the Coalition, will give an exclusive behind-the-scenes briefing on what our industry can expect in the Trump Administration and how that may affect your bottom line. Philip began his escrow career at Uniland Escrow, Inc in 1985. He ran their contract collection department for 3 years, before being promoted to Manager. Since that time, he has become the owner, and changed the company name to Evergreen Escrow and Evergreen Note Servicing, and expanded the company to 9 offices, in Sumner, Spokane, and Yakima, WA; Phoenix and Kingman, AZ; Grants Pass, OR; Reno, NV; Powell, WY; and Redding, CA.

He holds both an Escrow Officer license and Limited Practice Officer license in the State of Washington. In 2004 he was appointed by Governor Locke to serve as an Escrow Commissioner for the State of Washington, and continues to serve as the Chairman presently.

He also holds escrow officer licenses in WA, AZ, ID, and a Real Estate Broker’s license in the State of California, and a Mortgage Broker license in several states. He will be available for complimentary private consultations at the Note Symposium.

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