Robert Oberhand

Robert Oberhand

How To Use Communications To Close More Note Deals

Do you agree that it takes many steps to close a note deal, from start to finish?

Can you see that a single weak link in this chain of steps can cause the deal to fall out or disappear, leaving you scratching your head?

Sure, the most important element in the deal is the quality and value of the note. Yet, the back-and-forth communication that are vital to close a note deal sometimes prove to be the weakest link that kills the deal.

Remember, people who don’t know what to do don’t do anything. And, they usually don’t tell you. They just drift away, leaving you wondering, “what happened?”. This can be avoided.

Robert Oberhand’s presentation will focus on how he keeps deals strong, moving forward, and closing by using effective communications, especially with email. He will reveal tools, tips, and techniques to help keep your deals moving to the finish line.

For example, in 2017, he led lengthy negotiations to bring together a major originator of investor hard money fix-flip loans and a major note buyer and online marketplace. This successful negotiation has resulted in more than average $1.5mm in monthly sales since Nov. These negotiations were largely by email, and Robert consistently steered the communications toward clarity and away from ambiguities, misunderstandings, and unclear terms emanating from both sides. The deal could have fallen apart at any stage along the way. He kept it on track, and it closed with the help of clear strategic proactive communications.

Robert Oberhand brokers performing and nonperforming notes, rent-to-own notes, re-performed notes, construction notes, commercial notes, and other categories. He started in real estate investing in 2008 as a hard money loan rep and fix and flip investor of foreclosed properties.

He is also a licensed California Realtor®, who sources, buys, and sells, and brokers investor and homeowner properties.

For twenty years, Robert Oberhand owned a communications and publishing company. He consulted closely with Toyota for much of that time on communications for its most advanced technology vehicles, the Prius hybrid, Rav4 electric SUV, Mirai hydrogen-powered fuel cell car and more. He has BA and MA degrees from UCLA.

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