Sándor Lau

Sándor Lau

Confessions of a Recovering Landlord: Notes on seven years in the distressed mortgage business

Sándor Lau was born in a good mood. He started investing in distressed second mortgages during the Great Recession when he could barely pay his own mortgage. Quickly he discovered that being a loanlord is better than being a landlord.

In this presentation, Sándor shares the best and worst of his journey from poverty to prosperity by investing in real estate without tenants, illustrated with real case studies from his portfolio. We’ll primarily cover investing in second mortgages on residential homes, but also commercial mortgages, first mortgages, rental properties, workout strategies, foreclosures, court cases, and more.

Sándor is the founder of Noted Financial based in Portland, Oregon, and was featured in the Wall Street Journal article, I Can Be the Bank: Individual Investors Buy Busted Mortgages. He’s also a writer and filmmaker who has walked across New Zealand and Oregon for his creative work. Sándor’s library of educational materials on note and real estate investing are all free at NotedFinancial.com

Sándor William Lau
Chief Inspiration Officer | Noted Financial | NotedFinancial.com

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