Sándor Lau

Sándor Lau

Sándor’s Success Habits for Investing in Real Estate, Notes, and Life

Sándor Lau was born in a good mood. He’s the founder of Noted Financial, investing in creating value through resolving nonperforming second mortgages, allowing hundreds of homeowners to address their debts and keep their homes.

Sándor is a regular speaker at Paper Source, IMN, and REIA conferences and was the primary subject of the recent Wall Street Journal article on note investing, “I Can Be the Bank: Individual Investors Buy Busted Mortgages.” He’s also a recovering writer and filmmaker threatening to relapse and is based in Portland, Oregon. When he’s not climbing mountains in business, he’s climbing them for real. NotedFinancial.com.

Sándor William Lau
Chief Inspiration Officer | Noted Financial | NotedFinancial.com

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