Notes In Your IRA (Panelist)

Belinda Savage may have developed her roots in the foundations of Wall Street, as an institutional bond trader in the U.S. & Canadian financial markets & Regional Operations/ Compliance Director for several national and regional broker/dealers, but she now has her focus on the leading growth sector: Alternative Assets for American investment portfolios, more specifically, retirement accounts on the Self-Directed Platform!

When the American investor realizes his potential to reap double digit ROI with tax-deferred dollars, then we will be prepared for Retirement! Ms. Savage provides education re: investment structure: IRA Asset LLC, IRA Asset Business Trust, Personal & Tax Deferred capital working together, co-investing with colleagues, family, Leveraging Your Tax-Deferred Accounts & How To Grow $5500 ……

Ms. Savage has extensive experience and expertise within the financial markets and alternative assets- RE, Private Equity/Debt, Intellectual Property- permitting her to network with a multiplicity of professionals and associations throughout the U.S. & providing a platform for investors to grow their tax-deferred portfolios! She is currently working with Mid-Atlantic IRA (MIRA) out of Fredrick, Maryland with Jack KIley as the CEO & Founder.

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