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John needs no introduction to most note and real estate investors. You will have the unique opportunity to learn from his 36 years of experience at the Note Symposium.

“My presentation is going to be a combination of real estate investing and note investing and how they are intertwined. We’ll talk about how you can end up with profits from notes and real estate that most people don’t take.

“Understanding values, understanding cash flows, understanding management, understanding the risk involved in all these things will put you in a position to make a better deal on notes.

“I’m an investor. Most of what I do, whether it’s notes or real estate, is I buy investments. The notes I buy are typically investments. They’re not short-term. Sometimes I hold them for five or ten years.

“We’ll talk about structuring deals that protect you against changes in the economy. Just because you sold a property for $300,000 doesn’t mean you’re going to get $300,000 if you carried back a note. If that property drops to $200,000, your note is not worth as much anymore. We’ll talk about some of the cycles that we’ve been through recently, what we anticipate here in the future, and how to profit from them, and how to protect yourself from them.”

John truly has the heart of a teacher. In his 36 years of investing he has prospered during three recessions, four tax law changes and interest rates ranging from 3 – 16%. His 2005 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, has assisted more than 100,000 people on their way to successful investĀ­ing.

John and his partner the legendary Jack Miller were the first to teach seminars on investing in single family houses.

John buys, sells and manages his own properties and notes and enjoys providing quality housing at fair prices for working families in his community who cannot afford to buy a home through conventional sources through his work with Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing. John has served for more than 20 years on the board of Sarasota Habitat, 7 years on Habitat’s International Board and currently serves as the chairman of the board of the Fuller Center for Housing.

A Florida native, John is a proud graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned his B.A. from the College of Business Administration in 1970. He will be available for complimentary private consultations at the Note Symposium.