Intoxicating Assets: How to Be the Bank, Invest in Real Estate Without Tenants, and Why Seconds Come First

Sándor Lau is the Eagle Scout and Fulbright Scholar your mother warned you about. He’s the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Noted Financial based in Portland, Oregon. Noted Financial specializes in the acquisition and workout of nonperforming second mortgages and manages a nationwide portfolio of second loans.

Sándor began investing in rental properties in 2009 and soon learned he had an allergy to landlording when his doctor advised him his body could not tolerate high-velocity lead poisoning. When he discovered the teachings of his mentor, Gordon Moss, through The Paper Source, he found a way to improve his financial and physical health simultaneously.

After writing 60,000 words of a first draft of his book, Be the Bank: Notes on How to Invest in Real Estate without Tenants, Collect Loans Instead of Paying Them, and Why Second Mortgages Come First, Sándor realized it might not be such a good idea to give away all his secrets. You can still get many of his pro tips from his YouTube videos at

Sándor is a recovering writer and filmmaker threatening to relapse at any time. He walked 300 miles across New Zealand to make his film Sándor’s New Zealand Trail. He will be available for complimentary consultations at the Note Symposium.

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