Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson, “The Note Professor”

Time-Proven, No-Nonsense Note and Real Estate Strategies

Tom has been called “the best-kept secret in real estate note education” as those who have taken his workshops or heard him speak will attest.

Just a few topics that will be covered:

How to Safely Purchase Notes to Enjoy 35%, 42%, 95% and Even “Infinity” Yields. The Simplicity Will Amaze You

How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Using Little or None of Your Own Money

How to Get Investors to Finance Your Real Estate Deals to Receive 26%

How to Create More Than One Note to “Make Change” or to Sell Partials

How to Buy and Sell Partials and Calculate Who Gets What In the Event of Default or Payoff

How to Tweak Variables To Achieve Obscene Yields

How Tom Paid More than the Asking Price for a House; Sold It For Less Than He Paid, and Still Made $13,000

Much, Much More

Tom earned a BBA Degree in Finance and Economics. Tom then entered the field of notes and real estate in 1980 during times of turmoil and crisis, much like we are experiencing today. During these troubled times, Tom mastered the skill of buying and selling notes to achieve astronomical yields, as well as acquiring and disposing of real estate using owner financing and notes. His manual, THE NOTE PROFESSOR NOTEBOOK, as well as his workshops, are popular because of their information-packed content and simplicity.

Tom’s “tell it like it is” approach has earned him the respect of his students and peers alike. Tom is a recognized expert in the field of owner financing and income producing property. Although he is a greatly sought-after speaker, Tom chooses to keep a low profile and speaks or teaches very selectively to real estate groups nationwide. He is also an author, as well as a contributor to national publications. Tom is president of H&P Capital Investments, LLC, which buys, sells and trades owner financed notes. He can be contacted at, where you can also sign up for his informative monthly newsletters.

Contact info

phone: 800-481-6588

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