Tracy Z Rewey

Tracy Z Rewey

A Lifetime Of Notes: Top Ten Lessons Learned in Five Different Decades

Tracy Z has handled millions of dollars in owner financed real estate notes since 1988.

She headed up the due diligence department for one of the nation’s largest owner finance note buyers as VP of Production for Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities. Loving the business but wanting to work for herself, Tracy left the institutional investor side in 1997 to start Diversified Investment Services, Inc., a note buying company and, an online newsletter for private investors.

Tracy specializes in the use of tax-advantaged retirement funds to purchase real estate notes and helps landlords convert to “lien-lords” by safely creating and holding paper. A well-known educator, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge and guiding others on their note investing journey.

She works alongside her spouse, Fred Rewey, providing unique insight on embracing technology to run a note business as a couple that loves to travel.

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