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Former Reagan staffer W. J. (Bill) Mencarow — shown here infuriating the Castro regime at the Havana airport — is the co-founder with his wife Alison and editor of THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL and has been a note and real estate investor since 1981. The author of numerous guides, seminars and articles and the recipient of every award the note industry offers, he has been interviewed and quoted on numerous radio and TV networks and programs including “Good Morning America,” CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX News, etc. and major U.S. newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal. The nation’s best-selling personal finance author, Newsweek columnist Jane Bryant Quinn, wrote, “William Mencarow is an expert on real estate notes.” He has managed over a dozen political campaigns and currently consults on select campaigns. He spent most of his career in Washington, DC, where he worked in the Executive Office of the President and in the US Congress as the Republican Counsel and Staff Director of the US House Subcommittee on Government Operations. He also served as the press secretary and legislative director for members of Congress. He was instrumental in Congressman Ron Paul’s legislation that created the American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins. However, he says his his greatest political career achievement was being personally attacked by Pravda, the official newspaper of the Soviet Union, which he regards as a badge of honor.

An ordained minister (PCA), he and Alison host a talk show on an FM station that serves the Texas Hill Country ( They are not politically correct. They are non-Bidenary. Most importantly, they try to be Biblically correct.

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